I lived this, did you?

funny-hand-drawing-art-pencil-stains.jpg (63 KB)

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    Girly hands with paint on them?


    Left-handed writers and their pencil-smudging shenanigans.


    Left-handedness. All of the trauma as our elementary school teachers looked at us as though we’d lost our minds whenever we picked up our pencils.


    You can buy a nail clipper for a couple bucks ya goddam drag queen.


    In school we were specifically taught that you dont put your hand down if you write left handed, so that doesnt happen.


    It also happens to right-handed artists. I learned to put a piece of paper under my hand to prevent smudging the art prevent getting graphite on my hand.


    …and to prevent getting graphite…


    Ditto on this. Simplest solution. Figured it out in second or third grade when they were teaching cursive. Meanwhile my wannabe-inventor dad was designing me two different contraptions; one that was like a guard with wheels on it that would keep my hand a few millimeters off the paper and glide with my movements, the other something like the two-fingered glove pool players use on their bridge hand but covering the last two fingers and made of a similar slippery nylon. But at least he was more accepting of it than my teachers who all gave me that “UR DOON… Read more »


    I have done that to myself many, many times. Nowadays- I use surgical gloves for work like this. They’re awesome for doing mechanical work.


    Back in the days before CAD systems and computer design BOTH my hands looked like that. And my sleeves, too –

    Dyon 86

    did you give silver surfer a tug job?

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