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Anybody inclined to translate some Deutsch…?

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    germanys monument to the great fuhrer


    Albert Speers’ plans for the government complex on a north-south axis in Berlin. The red ones are the ones the Third Riech actually built. To give you perspective for that massive dome (the Volkshalle), that tiny purple building next to it is the Riechstag. If I remember correctly, it would have been bigger than most modern sports arenas, been 25+ stories tall, and made of stone.


    I’m almost bummed that it wasn’t built.


    Visit the Vatican City – same concept


    Been there, done that.

    Would have been interesting to see how the Germans would have decorated the inside of that giant thing.


    I imagine a lot like the Vatican, except with Germans


    Sorry, correction: the podium the dome sits on would have been 25+ stories tall; the entire building would have been closer to 100 stories tall.

    And the dome of St. Peter’s in the Vatican would have fit inside the little cupola on top.


    Unternehmen Größenwahn = Operation (grand) Lunacy Die geplanten Bauten der Nord-Süd Achse von Germania auf dem heutigen Berliner Stadtgrundriss = The planned buildings along the North-South axis of “Germania” upon the current Cityscape of Berlin Während des dritten Reichs realisierte Bauten = Buildings erected during the 3rd Reich. Flughafen Tempelhof = Airport Tempelhof Haus des Fremdenverkehrs = Tourism office Reichsluftfahrtministerium = Civil avaition authority Neue Reichskanzelei = The new chancellory OR Chancellor’s accomodation Südbahnhof = Southern train station Triumphbogen = German arc de Triomphe Kino = Cinema Verschieden Minesterien = Various ministeries Oberkommando des Heeres = Chief of the Military… Read more »


    The whole thing probably would’ve been collapsed quiet fast, because Berlin is built on mostly weak soil. There are alot of buildings here, that are sinking all the time and this dome would’ve been extremely heavy. Sad Hitler…