Love, not hate

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    The question is, are they going to convert you to straighendom once you’re in the congregation?


    Doesn’t sound like it – from their website: “Specifically, we recognize that the church has often denied gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons a place in the Christian community. We believe that God shows no partiality to people of a particular sexual orientation. God bestows love equally on all people. We gladly and proudly affirm the lives, the worth, the relationships and the spiritual gifts and ministry of people of all sexual orientations. We are committed to being a community that welcomes all people, inviting them into a place where we can all safely explore what it means to be… Read more »


    All that rhymes with “hate the sin, love the sinner,” though.

    But I guess I could look on the positive side of church, for once!


    The term “affirm the lives, the worth, the relationships and the spiritual gifts” seems more like welcoming than converting.

    Not all religion is destructive, some actually follow what Jesus said and love their fellow man. Most of what Jesus said was actually pretty cool. The part about the figs, not so much.


    Oh, I missed that “relationships” part.

    We could be dealing with the real deal here.


    It’s a trap!


    I’ve heard the same story before. “Welcome! Come in and BECOME ONE OF US!!!”” LOL!!

    Although, there was once a Gay church in Hawaii. So I guess that just because you are gay, bisexual, Lesbian, etc… does not mean you do not look for God. I believe that one of the problems sits on being judge by the ones who are already “saved”.

    (… Damn! No wonder Dad said that he didn’t talk about religion and politics… They are to volatile!


    The Unitarians, the Quakers and the Episcopalians are usually pretty cool about gay people. MY GF is a Quaker and she says they have gay members who are treated just like everyone else.


    Exactly my point! Nothing wrong with having faith and leaving a righteous life! Problem lies on the judgement of “others”, not Gods.

    That sounds like a nice church to go to…


    Actually, looking at their website it rather does –


    They’ll send you home with your very own POD….


    It’d like to believe that this image is that of a realistic and progressive take on organized religion; one that strives more towards realizing the kind of goals that motivated the organizing of religion in the first place (altruism), as opposed to the prevailing model of radical adherence to standards that kept order 2,000 years ago … but what the fuck, as long as we’re all joking, here —

    Man, the changes you see in a bad economy.

    “Somebody gotta make dat munneh.” ~ Hypothetical Trap Church