Biggest Brown Noser

yearbook-poll-of-the-day.jpg (60 KB)

looks like he succeeded… 8/

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    Jane Blowers? Nice.


    Best athlete AND best looking – nice indeed


    Funny how the less than…complementary…stuff shows up for the Republican Candidates, yet you can’t find ANYTHING on Our Dear Leader. No Year Book stuff, Newspaper Articles, School Grades or Admission Applications…Nada.


    Oh you must be new here, welcome to America, our government (yes all of it I don’t care what party you claim) is shady as fuck 😀


    I bet you’re one of those people that thinks we never landed on the moon.


    That’s funny, I just did an image search for “Obama Yearbook photos” and came up with a bunch of stuff including this 1979 yearbook photo. Most school kids don’t get in the newspaper, but he was involved in sports so you can probably find that stuff. School grades and paperwork are likely protected by privacy laws.
    Part of your problem may be that as a child he used his stepfather’s last name, so the records would be under Barry Soetoro.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Like that one?

    The point is the left wing lunatic fucking retards are constantly out in force looking for ANYTHING they can to smear the people they’ve been told are the targets and while doing so accuse the opposition in a two party system of enacting the behaviour only they are guilty of.

    If the right came at the world all angry and stupid like this you’d see 1000000’s of posts about Obama’s uncle getting arrested for drunk driving and then set free after saying ‘I’m Obama’s uncle I can do whatever I want’, or 100000’s of posts about how Obama has lined eastern Europe with missiles pointed at Russia which has them extremely suspicious and pissed off with America. Could you imagine if Paul Ryan were a smoker? President token hire the first black president ever pictured above with his white mother and family who raised him (his father was not available for the picture. He was unlike any other black man and ditched his bastard kids to go chasing more white bitches to pregnate).

    What if Romney at 25 had ripped into some black bitch who was 18 and then ditched and now Romney Jr was running. He’d get ripped apart for it. By stupid people like you.

    I can’t even believe you think anyone buys your bullshit. Anyone with a brain that is.

    Your country is fucked right now 100% solely because you have an affirmative action president who is dangerously unqualified to run anything other than a marketing campaign for himself.

    I’d take Most Likely To Be a Serial Killer over Obama let alone someone who got a funny moniker in a yearbook for trying hard.


    That Tony Huml fellow must have been a catch.

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