the other side of celebrities

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    I’ve never heard anyone refer to Hitler as “mean”.
    “crazy mass-murdering racist fuckhead” yes, but never “mean”

    I understand he was actually very good with children and dogs.

    are we at 11 mill now?

    all these years later and he’s still somehow managing to kill millions more jews.

    post WWII it was like 300,000. Then just like post WWI the 6 million number eventually came along.

    by 2030 he’ll have killed like 3 billion jews lol


    The 11 million also includes soldiers and casualties of war, most of whom weren’t Jewish, but all of whom died as a direct result of Hitler’s actions.

    And that pic would’ve worked better is the letters didn’t cover the images. Other that Hitler and Rihanna, I have no idea who those other people are.


    I think the first is Bieber, cyan is Gaga and blue is Britney.


    The middle is Taylor Swift


    Read it again, Maggie – it says 11 million PEOPLE, not Jews. I suspect that includes the Jews, the Roma, the gays, the Russians and the war dead all over Europe.
    But even if it was only 300,000 he would still qualify for “crazy mass-murdering racist fuckhead”

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Well then what about the 20 million Russians alone?

    11 million doesn’t even cover allied casualties.

    You guys aren’t big on knowing facts huh


    People usually equate all the Russian deaths to Stalin, because it wouldn’t be fair to give most of the crdit of Stalin’s genocides to Hitler


    Mags doesn’t care about genocide, he only cares if you got the accounting straight.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Well then it’s 24 million.
    Include civilians and it’s 55 million.

    That’s without Russia.

    Downvote away the reality. This post is fucking stupid with a made up number we all know was supposed to be just about the rat people per usual because they’re all who matter right?

    outlandwhatever doesn’t care about anything he hasn’t been told to care about by his TV. He’s a real progressive thinker and even if the stuff is 100% made up it’s okay as long as it supports the agenda.

    Ghost Hitler is the number one threat to Judaism in today’s modern society.

    Why does anyone bother replying to this cunt ?


    If you’re bored it’s something to do.


    who is the slut in red?


    I wouldn’t say that Rihanna is stupid for forgiving Chris Brown; she was stupid for having anything to do with that waste of atoms in the first place.

    Maxwell Edison

    I would never have heard of either one if they hadn’t made the news for that. If you lack talent, you need publicity.


    I think the upper left is Justin Bieber


    Who’s the one with big tits? That’s where my interest lies.

    Robot Dog

    Hard to pinpoint why, but for some reason it looks like Katy Perry to me.

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