Fig hate flyer

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God hates figs

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    It’s amusing because “figs” is one letter away from “fags.”

    So now you know.


    When the he found that the tree didn’t have any fruit he cursed it and it withered away. If he could do that, surely he would have the power to make it bear fruit? Hmm I guess he’s not all that powerful then. Or a fake?


    How dare you? Don’t you know that infinite wisdom always looks like lunacy?


    Seems legit


    Deep down were all figs.


    It’s a metaphor; the fig leaf is the symbol of Judaism, of which Christianity was, at first, considered a crazy fringe cult offshoot (Christians thought Jesus was the messiah, Jews not so much.) What Jesus is saying (or, more likely, what an author with an agenda is saying Jesus said) is that the Jewish religion has beautiful, enticing promises but, overall, bears no fruit and should wither and die. A huge period of that history was spent trying to gain a foothold as both a serious religion and a mainstay within the Roman Empire … so you see a lot… Read more »

    fracked again

    I don’t think that Jews used the fig leaf as a symbol of Judaism. Christians do in an attempt to keep Jesus from looking batshit crazy.

    There is a reference to fig trees bearing no fruit in the OT, which may have been important to the messiah story. Gentile NT authors who had little knowledge of the context of the OT skimmed it for things they could turn into prophecies that Jesus would fulfill, and wrote them into the story.


    I suppose there is enough murder, incest, rape, slavery, thought crime, abduction, animal & human sacrifice, stonings, lootings & holy wars in the bible to make him look batshit crazy without him ordering trees around.