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    Because sexy can’t be contained.


    You know it’s summertime when the girls start showing their bellies.


    “Ima prignant.”


    Looks like she’s holding a crown royal bag and a piss jug.


    I hope all of you good liberals enjoy paying for it’s healthcare, thanks to the socialist in the whitehouse, as well as in the senate. Obviously this fat piece of crap is doing nothing off set the weight, and is very likely suffering from a myriad of side effects such as hypertension, diabetis, and high blood pressure just to name a few. Now that fat sack has to do absolutely nothing to try and drop the pounds, and the rest of us who work, and have our taxes literally taken away at gunpoint will be providing for full medical care… Read more »


    “…because FOX News told me so!”




    Come on, man. Regardless of whether the “who will help those who can’t help themselves” or the “God helps those who help themselves” crowd is in control of our system, it’s people like her that will manipulate their status in favor of the most benefit.

    Assistance to those who don’t work a certain amount of hours? Well, better work less! Assistance to those who work just enough hours! Well, better work JUST ENOUGH to get it.

    The problem is the people – our elected officials are just representative of that cultural flaw. (Also, people like you aren’t helping.)


    How can I not be helping? It’s my paycheck that gets smaller and smaller as taxes are increased to pay for genetic wastes like the one pictured above!

    Purple Banana

    …People like her come into the ER all the time. They don’t have insurance, so the hopsital doesn’t get paid. Guess where they get that money from? YOU! So, if she were insured, theoretically, you’d be paying less towards her healthcare, because it is mandated by law that she pays into the system, or she’ll get fined. People this fat generally don’t go to doctors until it’s too late, anyway, and by then, she’ll be dying from heart disease or diabetes. So instead of paying for her insulin, expensive daily medication, physical therapist, and possible surgery (DEM KNEES), you’re probably… Read more »


    People like you who perpetuate this simple minded poor-put-upon working-class-hero mythology in order to smokescreen your own particular strains of avarice, laziness or gluttony are fooling nobody –at least, nobody of worth.
    But if it helps, take heart that we all get one vote, and the fatties will likely be using it for less voting cycles than us strapping paragons of fitness.


    I’m using my one vote to request more bacon on the Baconator. Thanks for picking up the tab, Jon.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You don’t see his point or you don’t want to? Put it this way: under a socialist healthcare model such as in Canada that fat thing actually takes front seat to you. You could have a broken arm but she is an overweight pig well ingrained into the system so you will be told ‘see you in 6 – 8 hours for that broken arm’ and she’ll be told ‘you’re late. we’ve been waiting for you’. This is after you just pissed 52% of your paycheck away to the government. A system that rewards laziness and stupidity shouldn’t be accepted… Read more »


    Careful, Navi…you’ll give yourself a stroke and have to suck on that socialized medicine teat sooner than most.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    By the time I need it this country will be bankrupted by it anyway.


    Are you HONESTLY blaming fat chicks on Obama?
    Now THAT is truly funny –


    Black people.

    Black men love “junk in the trunk.”


    That ain’t the trunk – more like “junk in the front seat”


    At least Demon didn’t post the naked pic of this one. She must be getting soft in her old age.