Jefferson on Government

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    tiki god

    I would give you mcs+ if you were logged in


    *My* reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much bad government.

    That, or too much ‘bad’.


    My reading of history convinces me that Thomas Jefferson wasn’t the only person at the time with ideas, and it’s a good thing there was a number of Founding Fathers with varied views who balanced each other out through compromise.


    Simply reducing the size of government does nothing to improve the quality, especially if you remove mostly the good.

    The real bugger is getting people to agree on what’s good and what’s bad.


    He didn’t say this. I really dislike it when someone lies about what a famous/respected figure said in order to push their own bullshit political agenda. Whoever put together this image is a liar and a fraud, and should not be given the slightest shred of respect.


    Jeffereson wrote the Constitution, so I trust him.