curiosity on the martian surface

GyNR5.jpg (176 KB)


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    I’m pretty sure that’s Venera 13, the Soviet lander sent to Venus in the 80’s.


    It is. This site went from good content and an active community in 2005 to recycled Reddit/SU reposts purposefully mislabeled/misspelled to get more page views from people clicking through to correct it.

    Almost moved on during the whole pony debacle. Guess I’ll finally be removing M[c]S from my bookmarks.


    Are you not aware how RSS works? Sheesh, bookmarks?


    RSS! What year do you think it is, 2009?

    tiki god

    everyone uses RSS now.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No. People used RSS in 2008 and then realized it’s stupid.

    Nobody wants a distracting news ticker in their browser.

    tiki god

    what are you even talking about? RSS isn’t a news ticker. Most of MCS’s traffic comes from RSS.


    Navi: Yeah, it makes more sense to go check 50 pages to see if they’ve updated instead of checking one for the same info.

    But by all means, do it the Canadian way.


    You forgot the chopped up tumblr gifs.

    tiki god

    so, if that’s true that this is from the 80’s why does it look like the pictures are clearer than anything we’ve actually seen from Curiosity? I’ve been working hard to cut down on the intentionally bullshit posts, but this one really does look like it’s a picture from Mars, and recently before all the emo martians came in and lowered property values.

    tiki god

    thanks, that’s what the very first person in this thread said.


    It’s a cleaned up version of this and it’s neighboring image.

    dumb alec

    lol tiki thinks its a wiki conspiracy

    tiki vs wiki


    They still haven’t done the equivalent of “warming up” the cameras, there’s still dust covers around, and there anxious to just get anything sent back to try and impress people, while they are getting everything ready to go. Getting stuff back quickly means lower quality, see why the first image sent back after landing was 64×64 pixels.

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