Buying the sun

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I heard some crazy spanish lady did it

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    Ok, I’ll bite…

    Some crazy spanish lady did what?


    You want your electric bill to go up by 500% and everything that is manufactured, stored, transported or in anyway has the cost of electricity as input to its cost structure increase then pay for solar powered electricity. That is the reality of today.


    You may be right. This video suggests its 200%. It’s an overview including Concentrated Photovoltaics, and energy storage solutions. Solar is more expensive up front, if you ignore the environmental and political costs.
    “Solar Energy” by SciShow 11:15


    “then pay for solar powered electricity”. Err.. instead buy some solar panels for your roof. In a few years your net cost will be $0, after that it’s free electricity, or better than free if you’re living somewhere that will pay you for putting your excess electricity back into the grid.