Snake vore

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Ever had one of those internet afternoons where you saw something fucked up, clicked a link to see if such a thing could have a following…and just kept on clicking?

I blew five straight hours like this yesterday and the whole thing started with a single word: “vore”.

This is one of about a dozen or so images I harvested in the meantime.

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    If she’s a ‘snakevore’, she’s doing it wrong.

    More like “Hottie-vore” or maybe “Ho-vore”
    “Skank-vore” maybe.


    Everything on the internet has a following.


    No matter how fucked up, no matter how depraved, it gives at least a dozen neckbeards stiffies in their mom’s basements. Then they talk about it on the internet.

    Welcome to the show.


    Everything has a following. Even every combo has a following. There’s probably a anime-furry-vore community or a brony-fanfic-vore community (I use those two examples because I’ve sadly heard of both of them actually existing).


    What in the fucking fuck is this?

    You’re welcome.

    Jac H

    What, no Ponies?