7 Minutes of Terror (on Mars)

Curosity7MinutesofTerrorGraphic.jpg (1 MB)

Graphic illustrating the Curiosity lander’s seven minutes of terror in its decent onto the surface of Mars, August 5/6, 2012.

See video for further information: www.ustream.tv/embed/schannel/710

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    Wow that’s impressive. I can’t park my car without hitting children or old ladies.


    Man, I tell ya!
    This was almost as nerve-racking as the other times they landed Rovers on Mars. They should rename this pic “7 Minutes of pants-wetting, nail-biting, scalding hot, Jihad-esque Terror!”


    Is the speed of sound the same in other atmospheres as it is on Earth?


    nope, mars atmosphere is thinner than earth’s so sound would go slower

    Dyon 86

    aahh yea, cos in the vacuum of space, no one can hear you … ah you know the rest!


    When I took my diving course they explained that sound moves 4 times as fast under water. So it seems logical to me


    The speed of sound on Mars (no only due to its lower atmospheric pressure but also the average temperature and a few other factors) is around 240 meters/sec. (or 540 miles/hr.) versus on Earth where it’s 760.5 miles/hr.

    Dyon 86

    that’s ok then, nothing could possibly go wrong!

    Tiggle Bitties

    What a bunch of fucking retards.

    MACH is an absolute speed, taken from EARTH measurements… do you think JPL actually calculates anything in Mach? It’s just a measure for ignorant fucktards like yourselves.

    Landing a car on Mars with the most sophisticated geological and chemical analysis tools ever sent into space? More difficult than you could ever FATHOM. So before you go around poking fun at progress, think about what you got done today, and measure up.

    If you were watching that control room you could have cut the tension with a knife because those men and women worked hard to bring an incredibly complex problem into fruition and it PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF WHEN OTHERS MINIMIZE THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS.

    Fuck the haters, I’m joining the joy ride to the future.


    Who minimized it?


    This is a sub-par Magnus impersonation.

    It’s like the cheap Mexican version. Señor Buttforson


    Fight Club reference: Check
    Gratuitous swearing: Check
    Clear misunderstanding of events in thread: Check
    Overestimation of self-value/intellect: Check
    Unprovoked butthurt: Check



    Who is hating? I haven’t seen anything like that in this thread. It might help if you replied to the comment your referencing instead of just posting.


    I think he’s having a Marvin Moment.


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