God Particle Derp

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    When Christians don’t think they have evidence for their god, evidence ain’t *that* important.

    But when they do think they have evidence…


    Nice job on damage control, guy who thought it was a bad idea to keep the name “That Goddamn Particle.” This is much better.


    So much the truth –


    You are welcome to leave the planet at any time, fuckos!


    Rack off, you Christians don’t even understandhow this planet gt here, you think the magical man in the sky made it


    “It’s ok to kill yourselves” – A Christian.

    A true keeper of the faith…


    This has to be a Magnus sock – it just reeks of buttforsoon


    Who came up with the name “God Particle”, anyway?


    Someone with a PhD in DAB (Denial, Appropriation, Bullshitting), I’d wager.


    Peter Higgs – He wanted to refer to it as ‘that goddamn particle’ but his editor wouldn’t let him.

    BTW – he’s an atheist – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Higgs


    Sorry, Higgs discovered the particle, but didn’t name it –

    “Usually this nickname for the Higgs boson is attributed to Leon Lederman, the author of the book The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?, but the name is the result of the insistence of Lederman’s publisher: Lederman had originally intended to refer to it as the “goddamn particle” – Wikipedia


    Wait, so religious folk are using the truncated version of a sarcastic nickname given to the particle by an atheist to bolster their argument? Oh, this is so cute… and infuriating at the same time.

    Dyon 86

    yep, in the words of Frank Zappa “dumb all over”

    Dyon 86

    God did of course!!! And He told that nice Mr Higgs Boson what to name it. Sweet FUCK, are these people for real?? Please tell me that this is a joke, these people don’t exist. This is like the facebook titanic thing, that was a joke too wasn’t it, people are NOT THIS DUMB! The Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman coined the phrase “The God Particle” to SELL MORE BOOKS!!!!!! Lazy journalists carry on using the phrase because it’s sensationalist. It has NOTHING to do with proving whether or not God exists. However … as there are still more particles waiting… Read more »

    Dyon 86

    Which bit are you guys downgrading?
    The bad language, the bad joke or
    do you ACTUALLY agree with the comment;
    “God particle found, atheists proved wrong”?
    Just curious?


    Surely this “God Particle” means that “God” IS one of the smallest known components of matter in the Universe. But, since particles are studied in the school of physics, that must mean that Christians (and alike) have actually been putting their faith in Science.

    Just a thought…

    Dyon 86

    Yea I see your point but you’re missing the point.
    When you see the phrase “God Particle” from now on,
    replace the word “God” with “that particle which used to be really really hard to prove existed,
    kind of a bit like God is really really hard to prove exists but really has nothing to do with God at all”


    Or, the other way to explain it – If the Higgs boson doesn’t exist, it makes the universe that bit harder to explain, that bit more likely that there is a supernatural creator of the universe, hence the God particle.

    Dyon 86

    following that reasoning – the higgs boson does exist, the universe is easier to explain,
    therefore it’s a little less likely there is a supernatural creator, hence it’s not a “GOD” particle!!!!


    As mentioned before, it was originally called the “Goddamn particle” as it was hard to find, it was only changed to “God Particle” to sell books.


    Why do people even waste their time arguing with religious people? Fuck ’em. If that’s how you really feel… let it go, you’re never gonna change ignorant minds.


    It’s not only about changing their minds, when other people see that Christians can’t defend themselves they start to think of Christianity as the superstitious bull it is.

    Dyon 86

    yea but then they start teaching it in schools and brainwashing the young.