The New ED-209

RoboCop-2013-Reboot-Trailer-1-HD1.jpg (166 KB)

From the new Robocop movie coming in 2013

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    Looks very Michael Bay doesn’t it?


    WOW. Awesome.


    Only a set of stairs can stop it.

    Luke Magnifico

    Looks like shit. My hopes are a little less than they were.


    Total and utter crap. Old version was far far better, A gun in it’s mouth?! Gimme a break…


    It had a mouth?


    I’d have to see it from other angles, but the redesign on the main body seems to have removed any ‘personality’ that the original design had. It didn’t have a ‘mouth’ so much as an inlaid radiator that gave the impression of a frowning maw. The old design had a lot of thought put into it, not only mechanically but as a character. ED-209 was supposed to be dangerous but over designed and comically flawed, hence the stair scene. This one just looks like someone drew a kill-bot over the old silhouette without giving much thought to it’s use in… Read more »