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Helllo MyConfinedSpace team,

I have a beneficial offer for you.

You can generate considerably more page views to your site & potentially increase the revenues by 10-15% without much effort.

Our program requires no payments & gives you an astonishing opportunity to get new visitors in guaranteed proportion of 150-300% of the traffic you’ll send to MGID.

Are you interested in details?

Best regards,
Veronica Butler
Traffic Expert, MGID Inc.

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    Hipsters are nerds


    I need to increase the amount of trolls that visit my site. How do I do this?

    what the shit is this shit?


    This shit is the shit that means the shit has finally hit the fan.


    ’90s SCAM
    2011 SCAM


    Skynet, is that you ?


    mgid is the worst pile of shit on the internet. I never use adblock to help the websites I like, but I immediately block mgid at “hosts” file level as soon as I can on any computer I get my hands on. mgid is even worse than those idiots whose ads consist only of the word “Download” to trick people into clicking them. I have never seen anything from mgid that isn’t completely misleading to the point of insult, or outright malignant. It’s bad enough you let casemods run free around here. Do not make the mistake of allowing mgid… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^