American Psycho

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What? Do you honestly think this is about taxes? Derrrr.

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    Clint Eastwood fan club member.


    I think it will reveal payments made to the IRS when three years ago a whole slew of swiss bank accounts held by US citizens were no longer held secret.


    I agree. I doubt it’s hookers or anything scandalous. I’d bet that Switzerland, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands sheltering a share of his fortune when taxing the rich is a popular idea would sink him in the election.


    I think he made the mistake of claiming his donations to the KKK on his taxes


    So, in other words you have nothing intelligent to so you’ll try to tie Romney to racist Democratic Party organization. Classy move.


    There really is no need to make up bullshit about him, the stuff that’s true is bad enough


    Without black and white evidence all the “stuff that’s true” is pure speculative and heresy. I’ll go with the bullshit and anything else that comes floating down the internet sewer-system… until it’s formally discredited by those tax returns on what is true and what’s not. I find it all a bit all disconcerting that these same assholes on the right want to know about every aspect of our lives: where we go, what we do, what sites we visit, what we download there’s no fucking end to it but the second we ask for a bit of transparency on their… Read more »


    We have a “president” who will not release
    his college records and you want someone to
    spill there guts to the IRS?, what fools these liberals be. OH! excuse me my welfare
    card just loaded up,got to go , know you leftest understand.


    The “guts” have long been spilled to the IRS; that deed’s already done. Romney’s own father, Michigan Governor George W. Romney, set the precedence that all candidates running for public office in U.S. must release no less than 12 years of tax returns for public scrutiny and examination. He said, that releasing one or two could always be construed as a fluke, therefore 12 should be the standard. Mitt Romney has thus far only released his 2010 returns. Four years ago, when McCain was seeking a Vice President, Romney gave McCain 14 years of his tax-returns… McCain took one look… Read more »


    Obama’s only talent, only ability is to convince uniformed/ignorant/stupid people that he, Obama, is smart.

    Romney graduated with honors from both his undergrad and graduate degree program. The genius Obama? Nobody knows because he won’t let anyone see anything related to his college days.


    I agree – except the fact that he bragged about being drugged out all through college. But that makes him “cool” and “hip,” right?


    Geesh, Obama cant even give out his birth certificate for 5 years and then what he puts out is so unclear it creates more speculation.

    My guess is Mitts taxes were paid which is more than Geitner could say


    I heard that Harry Reid was a pedophile rapist and that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi bought him hookers. I can’t tell you who told me this, but it’s out there now. It’s up to him to prove this false.

    All the whining and attacks and blatant fear of this man speak of propaganda by a small sector of America that is the antithesis of what America is and why it has succeeded.

    That is your next president. Your country will start to recover. Obama will be known in history as a failed experiment in mending race relations with your black underclass that was both unappreciated and extremely irresponsible (on the part of the Democratic party) to begin with.

    The next generation is already sick as fuck of the fucking liberal whining.


    The ONLY reason Obama originally got elected as Senator was David Axlerod’s position in The Chicago Tribune. He used it to uncover sealed divorce papers of Obama’s two opponents (one for the Democrat primary and the other for the actual senate race) and released them two weeks before the campaign, causing a media blitz. Romney, unlike Obama, is no fool. The ONLY reason they want his tax records is because Romney has no other souce of “dirt”. As Romney himself has said, the reason for the pressure to release the information is to use it to LIE. So far, all… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That jew piece of shit is also why we have the Liberal party governing Ontario. They hired that slippery fucking kyke to run a public manipulation campaign and immediately after they were voted in they did everything they could to raise or create new taxes to give money to their friends.