Does God hate Christianity?

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Christians have long held that natural disasters are punishments from God. But it seems the more Christian a place is, the more natural disasters they have. Does that mean God is punishing people for being Christian?

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    “Does that mean God is punishing people for being Christian?”

    No, it means that people who live in constant fear of things they can’t control and don’t fully understand (eg natural disasters) tend to be more likely to believe in supernatural causes for their problems and to attribute those problems to some kind of divine retribution resulting from their failure to please the supernatural entities.

    That’s why religions that spawn in relatively safe places are much nicer and more benevolent than religions that spawn, say, near an active volcano.


    Frothing-at-the-mouth Angry Atheist is Angry !!!!


    I’m assuming from your inability to properly use capital letters that you’re a Christian.


    I’ll do it less angry. If you’re dumb enough to believe in talking snakes, thousand year old ship builders, inner whale hideeholes and the divine proclamations of the evil of homosexuality and blended fabrics, then you’re probably dumb enough to live in a place called “Tornado Alley”.


    No, it means that God is punishing them for not proselytizing enough on the coasts.


    Seriously. STEP IT UP, Christ-philes. You guys are letting mormons and scientologists beat you to all the good converts.


    being religious and understanding the definition of the word ‘metaphor’ are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    neither is ‘proselytizing’ and ‘atheist’


    Can anyone see the source? This doesn’t seem right. A higher percentage of Minnesotans Christian than Montana?

    The logic is flawed anyway. It is based on number of weather disasters. Any given county in Florida only has a weather related disaster (hurricane) every X years, while most counties in tornado alley will have one or more a year. I’m still more worried about hurricanes than tornadoes.


    It would appear that these people are making shit up to “prove” their assertions. of the 236 religions they “count”, I find it interesting who is missing such as the larger Baptist Groups not to mention the Methodists or the Lutherans. And WHICH “Catholic Church” do they speak of? The American Catholic Church, the Celtic Catholic Church, the Communion of Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church, the Liberal Catholic Church, the Old Catholic Church, the Palmarian Catholic Church, the True Catholic Church? I6t sure isn’t the Roman Catholic Church which is about 25% of all Americans. The Figures they show don’t… Read more »

    Dyon 86

    yea and he didn’t even touch on the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Living on the coast ain’t gonna help ya then is it!


    How about, um… just maybe, it’s the other way around?


    …he said, being an evangelical Christian. (Seriously)


    It is abundantly clear that this means god is an immature, cruel, spiteful, arrogant, bitter, bully.

    outlanderssc is scared of the world lol

    Big bad Christians are out to get him and his butt friend, Bruce.

    God tests Christians faith with natural disasters. If he wanted them dead he’d have given them AIDS like all your faggots have.

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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You only fail a test of faith when you lose it, moron. You’re just another weak little pussy who was too fragile and dainty to withstand the media blitz you’ve been hammered with. Doesn’t it dawn on you that you think exactly how you’ve been told to? Are you sure your faggot friends are HIV free? Don’t be. I guarantee you one or more are already infected. 100% guaranteed. I’d also put down money that you’ll lie about it but already have your own suspicions. btw if Christians aren’t scaring you why are you so scared of them? Oh right… Read more »


    Liberal history!*


    What about the Crusades, Russian pograms, and 2 millenia of european anti-semiticism. oh, yeah, and hitler.


    Why test peoples faith with natural disasters? God is omnipotent, he already knows if their faith would pass the test.
    Instead of creating AIDS to wipe out gays, why have gays exist at all? What about the people who got AIDS from a blood transfusion or organ transplant?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Read fear and loathing. It’s specifically regarding faith and you know…free will which was given by God.

    Again…gays….free will. You’re faith is tested as it pertains to how you use the gift of free will.

    The people who got AIDS from other sources have the fags who spread it initially to blame.

    So there are your answers.


    So it doesn’t matter what you do, bad shit will happen whether you follow God’s law or not, because of sinners.

    Why not just write “You’re fucked. Praise Jesus”?


    I’m still stuck on the concept of God testing our faith. If God created us and is all knowing, the amount of faith we have is exactly the amount God gave us, so why test it?
    Why make innocent people suffer when God’s plan is to punish the wicked?
    I’ll check out Fear and Loathing, but I’m looking for more from the book then “because it’s God’s will” for an answer.


    You’re pretty fixated on homosexual men and AIDS. What’s up with that?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Because it’s a gay man’s disease of course. lol

    Oh you were told different? Go ahead and cite a study. Make sure it doesn’t include impoverished blacks or Africa at all.

    Oh look…it is all fags. Fags and other degenerate pieces of shit already mentioned.


    Anyone starting to believe that Magnus is just Tiki trolling in a fictitiously hard way to get more posts on the site?

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    There you have it. The retard agrees with you. Way to fail hard.


    I agree with you.

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    This shit is annoying as hell and this closet case faggot cause head is dumber than dog shit.

    I guess some Christian bashing makes him feel better?

    What a fucking loser.


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