gay families

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    Jesus never shamed gays – Christian homophobia started when the Romans took over Christianity and created the Catholic Church.


    You’re missing the point entirely.


    of a Roman spear?


    I’m sensing a tremor in the Maggiesphere.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What are you nuts? I don’t care if a fag has a kid. I just will call him a fag if he acts like a fag. But you’re intolerant of that. Your bigotry against my humour is rooted in your belief system. Two homos can have a kid. Their sex lives will still be vomit and if they act like fags I shall call them such. So if they don’t want to hear ‘quit dressing like a woman you fucking queer’ in front of their newly bought african or chyknees child they should act respectably. Sorrily I am not allowed… Read more »


    …and there it is. 😀


    Humans have two distinct sexes, with different psychological, and psychical, etc., traits for a reason.
    And yes, I think single parents, and even some of so called “normal families” shouldn’t be parents.
    Of course they are exceptions.


    And then sometimes people are born who don’t fit those profiles and don’t want to be forced by society to fill them.


    Well then I propose that you shun that “repressive, mainstream profile” and breath oxygen from water, eat carrion, and read only web pages with flashing, bright colors, maybe some embed music player.


    God is love like Islam is the religion of peace.


    Are you saying God isn’t love or that Islam is peaceful?
    Side note: Why isn’t anyone calling Jim Holmes a terrorist?


    It is sorry beyond belief that colbert is looked to as a genius/prophet. I weep for my nation.

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