How prayer doesn’t work

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    one pair of hands put to work will acomplish more than a thousand clasped in prayer


    Indeed!That`s an old saw to live by.


    “How prayer doesn’t work”? You mean there’s some evidence that it actually does work sometimes (pro tip: it doesn’t)?


    Of course prayer works. Do you have any idea how many billions have televangelists made thanks to prayer (or more exactly, thanks to those gullible enough to think praying is useful)?


    Prayer’s purpose is not to get you stuff, it’s to bind you to the church with pointless hope and senseless ritual.

    Prayer works very well indeed, has for centuries.


    In which we make incorrect assertions about a matter of spirituality that we’ve over-simplified and then masturbate over the silly, over-simplified results.


    My oversimplified assertions may be very correct indeed. That’s the reason for all the masturbation.


    Except this isn’t. It asserts that the success of your prayers are contingent upon the “Divine Plan of God”.

    Yet, IN THE MOST FAMOUS PRAYER IN THE WORLD (Matt. 6:9) Jesus taught (“Pray then this way”) that we should pray for things related to the “Divine Plan” (“Let your Kingdom come, Let your will take place”) *as well as* our needs/desires (“Give us our bread”).

    One isn’t dependent upon the other, making the assertion in this image false.

    So keep it up? I guess?