Hawking on Knowledge

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    Said another way, the Danger isn’t what “They” “Know”, it is what “They” “Know” that is not True or Real. Once upon a time, “Everybody” “Knew” the Earth was Flat. There are any number of things that people “Know” that aren’t true, yet decisions are made and peoples lives and fortunes are destroyed on the basis of this “Knowledge”.


    Maybe he could alter that last part from illusion of knowledge to an assumption of sure knowledge as an enemy worse than honest ignorance; kind of like his assertion that a creator God who’d possess a mind and will and some personal characteristics is not necessary, say, to explain his sharp mind’s existence..that somehow is able to comprehend what reasonably has the appearance to be designed by a super intelligent and immensely powerful being(s) The self-attesting witness in earthly nature and the cosmos, though ‘silent.’ is strong/good [and] a common sense conclusion (IMO). It’s evidence manifested in the rich abundance… Read more »