BSG – planets of the twelve colonies

Helios_System_Alpha-Beta.PNG (481 KB)

Helios_Gamma_System.png (139 KB)

Helios_Delta_System_D8.png (120 KB)

Helios_Epsilon_System_D8.png (82 KB)

Helios_Zeta_System.png (392 KB)

with a nod to:

A BSG colonies star map.

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    It seems like they stuck with the “rocky planets close to the sun” and “gas giants further from the sun” model of our solar system. But is there any actual reason to suspect this is generally true in the universe?

    Dyon 86

    That’s the theory, but they are finding super giant planets very close to their sun, orbiting very close and very fast.

    They are now saying that the planet must have been knocked out of it’s orbit to end up so close to it’s sun.

  • Here's a few awesome images!