Homophobia definition

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    Now I know what it means when people ignorantly shout that at those who disagree with them, in hopes that name-calling will somehow cause them to recoil in anguish.






    They are going to pay me for sex?! Hmmmm, how much money?


    So they’re going to treat me with respect and view me as an equal? That doesn’t sound so scary.


    Ya because gay men have that implication of superiority the way men do over women? More stupid bullshit from Demon the fat hag. I wonder if she gets some kind of pie like reward for spamming with this shit?

    If you’re brainwashed and you don’t know it click the thumbs down!

    Homophobia: your sex life triggers nausea. That is all.


    I have this theory that you secretly desire the people you pester.

    I’m thinking you want to be somewhere in a sandwich of Demon and Korinthian. Maybe Sambo78 too, but I’m not sure he still posts, and I always thought he was an alt account of yours.


    For a raging internet wombat, that name of his sure does have a nice gay porn ring to it.


    You are correct there, sir.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So your theory just happens to be the same stupid bullshit high school teachers tell little niggers like you to make you feel better when you get your head stuffed into a toilet? How convenient and clever at the same time…

    I have this theory that you thought you were thinking when instead you were just regurgitating.

    Korinthian is retarded. Full blown. Demon is 200 pounds of ugly and disgusting. Cling to those two heroes of the internerds and you’re destined for sad.


    Man, you’re really hard up.

    Go fuck a dude or something and get it out of your system.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Still striving for clever? Sorry faggot but some people…and by that I mean most people…think homosexuality is acceptable as a lifestyle but your sex lives are disgusting. It’s just the way 99% of the world is born. So the whole acceptable part is tethered to your ability to hide. This era of championing the faggot is about as good as it will ever get for you and it’s already dying off. No wonder you act like fat women and bitch all the time. 10 years from now you’ll be back to no rights at all. And it will be your… Read more »


    I really wonder how twisted you are to get your jollies being an angry asshole on the internet.

    Even if this is a complete act, there’s got to be a really broken part in your head for you to need to do this for years and years.


    sutenvulf: How is the Marines treating you?

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