stay true

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    If you want me to stay true, then please, stay undressed.


    Enjoy your lifetime of minimum wage.


    This is not necessarily true.

    She could be a model or a porn actress.


    Pro tip: both of those options require “youth”. Her shitty, jailhouse tats will last quite a bit longer than that. But, hey, YOLO! AMIRITE!?


    Or anything in medicine, mechanics, petroleum, or adult entertainment.

    Seriously, its all a matter of smarts, experience, education, and dem tittays.


    No… not really.


    Tattoos do not necessarily prevent you from making a decent living anymore. I know a number of people who work in the IT industry who are covered in tattoos and make WELL above “minimum wage”. Along with others who work in the arts/entertainment, sales, and many various professions.

    Although, I do have to say, there is still a bit of a negative view of tattoos in the “business” areas. But those aren’t the only industries where people can make money.

    But All things considered: I would recommend keeping your tattoos in places easily concealed.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hey devil’s advocate: your friends will never get promoted into any client facing position regardless of industry unless they work in music or tattooing.

    So they might make 20 bucks an hour now or even 50 or 60 but in 10 years they’ll still be making that and it won’t seem so great.


    I know plenty of nurses and doctors with this stuff and making well into Obama’s “middle income.”

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya I’m sure you hang with plenty of surgeons with knuckle tats you fucking idiot.


    The smart money is on the girl NOT getting her MSCE or whatever and trading on her OMGSOALT looks right up to barback at some Vegas/SF hole-in-the-wall. But hey… I could be wrong. But we both know I’m not.