Fatal Crashes (Infographic)

wrongful-death-infographics.png (546 KB)

This is an infographic image that describes the statistics of fatal accident for teen drivers and with age 18 and above.

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    Why is suicide a wrongful death? No product malfunctioned. No one was being negligent. It was a deliberate act. You can argue the ethics of suicide separately but the suicide itself is not an instance of the victim being wronged in the same sense as the rest of the causes of death.


    Perhaps the OP has the best of intentions with this, or perhaps they’re just trying to drum up some business (nice touch w/ the contact info at the bottom.) Either way, this is one of the most poorly put-together charts I’ve ever seen.


    this looks like an ad for a law firm. Hence the importance of the last line “Life is a serious matter. And if it is all about wrongful death you must take action for this and make the negligent party pay for this action.” Who are they quoting there anyway? Then the website at the bottom, clearly a lawyer looking for clients.


    i got news for ya. at the moment youre about to die, its all wrongful.


    Actually I’d come to know a number of people for whom the moment of their death was a devoutly wished for time…