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    I suppose this is a very meaningful statement to those who care what he thinks . . .


    I think the guy seems to think that their is only one set of answers possible to derive from reading a spiritual text. Expanding the idea, that there is only spiritual path for us all.

    How quaint.


    Read some of his material – he definitely doesn’t think that. In fact he does a lot of musing about the different meanings that have been drawn from spiritual texts – from moderates to die-hard, “kill in the name of your God” type theists. His point here can better be taken as “You think your interpretation is right, but on what authority do you say that all these other people have been wrong?”


    Religion is a placebo for the scared & ignorant


    I don’t thinks so – placebo “has” mainly beneficial effect (even that one with Brian), or not at all. I don’t think people on sugar pills, will kill, maim, burn (people and things alike), because it said so in the brochure.

    fracked again

    Nocebo is the correct term.


    Let me guess, this is the same guy who told Einstein: “Isn’t it amazing that you have succeeded in discerning the true workings of gravity, while the most influential scientists in history have failed?”

    An appeal to authority is an appeal to authority. And it’s a logical fallacy regardless of whether you use it to criticize a religious nutcase or a true scientist.


    He’s not saying to listen to the theists that have come before, and interpreted the bible their way. He’s making light of the fact that if your interpretation is right, then almost everyone else is wrong, and you’ve got to be ready to substantiate that.
    The books of the bible are so old that the true authorial intent has been lost to time, and cannot be solidly confirmed by study, and thus, nobody can substantiate claims of “getting it right”


    It’s fairly depressing how wrong many of you commentators have taken this quote. Appeal to Authority? Nigga, please.


    Sam Harris is a chode anyway. Besides, there is no one interpretation for “THE BIBLE” as he suggests. There are 66 books within that Bible, and yes, many parts and passages inside that 66 are open to varying interpretation and/or practical application.

    Some of the greatest and most influential scientific minds thought some pretty silly things. Were we haughty because we didn’t immediately embrace those?


    He never suggested that there is only one interpretation. Read the comments above, or read what he said in context instead of making assumptions based on this quote alone.

    Were ‘we’ haughty? Yes.


    Who is he speaking to and what true teaching about Christianity have they spoken of before he says this?! Context! Hello? This picture post so far means nothing better/more than it records Harris’ disagreement about an interpretation the TV host provided of “true teachings..” that “most” other thinkers of “the faith” apparently have disagreed with, and so does Harris. So what?


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    Fabulous! Congratulations!

    Why doesn’t he go poke holes in the Koran or the Jew bible (I think that’s just a money belt)? He always claims to but his entire focus is on those evil Christians we’re all told to hate. Oh right….he’s a jew that claims only to be half jew. Also he married money to get himself some clout (what a surprise the same year he marries another rich jew his book gets published and is somehow on a best sellers list instantly and now he writes for the laughable rag Huffington Post). Also he’s a fucking moron. Do you American… Read more »

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