avatar’s puberty

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    That beard is not doing it right.


    A beard is not a substitute for a jaw line, no matter how you trim it!


    On the designer’s defense, accurately portraying age in cartoons is incredibly difficult, so designers usually fall back on tricks like giving a character a quirky beard, white hair (i.e., Lin Beifong) or things like that.

    With a face like his and no hair, without the beard he’d look in his early 20’s at the most. With the beard, late 20’s to mid-30’s.


    Thank you for the insight. The guys above are clearly still idolizing Ron Jeremy’s hairy face, body and crotch while thinking it’s what all women desire.

    I guess Abe Lincoln’s “beard” was not good enough for them either. Have fun picking rotten food off your 70’s-vagina mouth-piece.


    I bet I can guess what kind of beard you’re trying for.


    It’s an upside down mustache. It helps define how connected I am with Abe. Because I measure puberty through how big I can grow a dead rat on my face.


    Don’t shave angry.