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    Who or what is this? (assuming video game?)

    some dude

    Admiral Hackett, Mass Effect 3.

    Basically, you told the whole galaxy for several years that 300 Mecha-Cthulhus were on their way to murder them all to death, and nobody believed you, and now everyone is getting slaughtered and you STILL have to convince every single alien personally to get its shit together and fight back, or at least get out of your fucking way as you do it yourself.

    Mention the ending on the interwubs for fun and profit. Bonus points for claiming you liked it.


    I didn’t like it, but I didn’t hate it.

    Also, supply lines were fucked in ME3. This should have meant that you can only get supplies in certain systems, but instead it meant you just had to give a chip to some guy on your ship (you don’t actually do this, you just visit a shop and it automagically happens) and you can buy stuff wherever you are even if you just escaped some Mecha-Cthulus.


    I honestly liked it and can’t really comprehend all the butthurt


    Really? None of it? Not even the bits that didn’t make any sense and completely undid lore and themes that had been built up over the course of the trilogy?

    Yep, okay. Just checking.


    The real butt hurt should be reserved for playing without any save import. Why ? Because then “game” assumes that you did everything wrong, make all the bad decisions (o.k., 99.9%). So you don’t have Captain Kirrahe, or even Thane to save the councilor, Miranda dies no matter what you did. There’s no Kelly Chambers, Gabby, or Kenneth, Grunt, Jack, Kasumi, Legion, Samara, Wrex, Zaedd, but at least you get dr. Chakwas. Eve dies, you can’t have Geth and Quarians, etc, etc.

    But why bother, it easier to get on the: “tri-color ending” butt hurt band wagon.

    Luke Magnifico

    I really liked the ending for about 10 minutes after completing the game, because I felt like the sense of scale really worked considering it’s the culmination of 3 long-ass games, but then I started realising all the things that were wrong with it.

    I still like the ending, but I acknowledge that it’s completely fucked up.


    Oh, never played it (nor the previous 2) – thanks for the info.


    You should – great games.


    I don’t think the gameplay is my style. I don’t like having to worry about parties and such… I imagine it’s like those oh… what the are they? Dragon’s something or other? Dragon Age? Just cannot get into that type of game, played Dragon Age for about 20 minutes and just couldn’t hang any longer. Appreciate the suggestion though.


    Dragon Age is much more complicated on party stuff than ME.

    In ME, just pick the coolest looking party members (unless you’re playing on the highest difficulty) and you’ll normally be fine.


    I always play games immediately at the highest difficulty; my reasoning being that if you start at the top then you can’t possibly know how easy it could have been, thus the frustration factor is minimized.

    I’ll probably check ’em out one day though.


    Really, the fiddly bits on the characters in ME2 and ME3 are pretty minor. In ME1 they are more complex because there are too many options.


    I’m currently playing ME2, good thing I speed-read through these comments.


    ME2 is the superior game in the series. Just keep playing it over and over and you’ll be fine.


    ME 2 was the worst in the series:
    – Collectors (can you say: “filler” ?),
    – customization was castrated, and is mostly just cosmetic,
    – skill tree was laughable,
    – it’s not ammo, it’s disposable heat sinks. Suuure…
    – the whole “resurrection” was a “shortcut” too.
    The only superior thing about it was Miranda’s ass, and some lines\dialogs.


    Gameplay was far superior to the first game. They lowered the skill tree for good reasons, or if it wasn’t for good reasons it turned out good anyway. In the first game you had so many options that were just plain bad that a good player would only put points into a few of the options anyway. So they streamlined it and made sure that the options all did something. The ammo system didn’t bother me. It was the same thing but different. It did not break my verisimilitude. The resurrection wasn’t a shortcut. They could have just left it… Read more »