religion ans science

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    Is that part about modifying HIV virus true ?


    Yes, Google It !


    Did that with part of that quote – nada.


    Moderate Christian: Someone that can with good conscience contradict what their god wants.

    More Info

    More info on this therapy that Dr. June and his team are working on:


    Good luck on getting people to take *that* antidote!


    No problem and you’ll know why if you ever find yourself in that situation….


    While I applaud it, the superstitious, pop-culture saturated side of my brain is telling me that this is how flesh-eating zombie epidemics are created.


    Whoo, I am legend


    Yep, I got Resident Evil-ish (Biohazard-ish for those in Japan, or something) feeling too…


    Ok for the record, no one takes lealot / nutjobs like those pictured above as Christians. The reality is that true Christians view people like that with pity, as they truly do not have the love of god in their heart, or his words in their minds.

    These people are not to be taken as anything more than hate groups who are trying to disguise themselves as Christians, making the real Christians look bad in the process.

    Calling people like this “Christians” would be like calling the horrendous acts done by the Nazi scientists “Furthering the causes of Science”.


    Wouldn’t a less literal reader of the bible be less of a Christian instead of more of one?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Retard logic!


    “be like calling the horrendous acts done by the Nazi scientists “Furthering the causes of Science”

    Read up on all those criminals getting off the hook for their research and never saw the haig…too bad no one will remember in a few more generations…


    Much of what is known about hypothermia was compiled and documented by Nazi Doctors doing science.

    Should that science be discarded in the present because of the abhorrent methods used to ascertain it in the past?

    Or, since the documentation already exists, would it be an insult to the people who died in the experiments to not study and apply it?


    Hate to brake it to you, but (some) Nazi medical experiments were very well documented, and meticulously performed, so they did further the causes of Science, in the sense that they, provided info that wasn’t availiable earlier. That said, that still was inhumane.
    Not to mention the scientists from jet propulsion, and shit, that went working in USA, and other countries.


    Strawmen? On MY internets?

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