blind obedience

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monkey see monkey do

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    Both misguided and false. Never mind the fact that such experiment would have PETA members storming the lab to save the monkeys, the problem is that something like that would never happen and it wouldn’t mean what they imply it’d mean. First off, if you’re ever seen a monkey climb a ladder you’d know the little devil will be up and down the latter before the first drop of cold water touched the other guys. Also, if the water is hitting the one climbing the latter, that’d be enough to make it stop climbing it and no one would have… Read more »


    Well spoken my friend. I was about to ask if this story is true or not but I’m lazy to google. But your are right. Disregarding all knowledge is as stupid as believing everything.

    Tiggle Bitties

    It’s mob mentality, retard.

    You want real research? Go read papers and journals. This is the internet.


    In real life they would have all raced up the ladder, end up knocking the bowl to the floor, taking a banana (if they could) and then end up throwing feces at each other.


    I see this as an argument for following traditional wisdom, not against. Yes, you are free to discard it just because nobody understands it and the wisdom behind the social norm has been forgotten, but you’re still going to end up getting everyone else soaked and yourself beat-up. Just because people have forgotten the consequences doesn’t mean they’ve ceased to exist.
    This is not to say you shouldn’t question norms, but do so in a careful, methodical way, not all at once because “tradition” (ridiculously oversimplified as a single entity) is dumb.


    Might be more compelling if it weren’t written by somebody that cannot identify a monkey.

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