Ultimate Zombie Guide

UltimateGuideToZombieProofingYourHomeAndStayingAlive.jpg (597 KB)

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    wait…why would you need a tunnel to an “undisclosed location”? Afraid the zombies have spies? Also why rig the house to explode? Zombies aren’t going to eat your food stores…so why not leave it to be reclaimed after you regroup? And the dogs…seriously…you’re going to surgically implant custom-fitted titanium teeth in a dog in a post-zombie-apocalypse setting…why not just get a bunch of alligators, better jaw strength and they have natural armor…also reptile bonus…they can go months without eating so you don’t have to go hunting for dog-food every day.

    tiki god

    you’re overthinking this thing.


    yeah…I know…this setup would totally work for a Colombian drug lord though.


    Why the bullpup?

    After reading WWZ, my strategies on zombie survival have changed.


    I thinks its time for me to start setting this up. Think there should be an average cost chart with this image.
    E.g. a Bad ass motha will cost $400