The Hunger Games

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the way it was meant to be

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    No one listed has the stealth-detection capabilities to prevent Batman from sneaking up and hog-tying them to a gargoyle.

    Batman wins.

    And Bear Grylis? Really?


    I vote for Ripley.

    The Flash

    I liked this better when It was called Battle Royale


    I say it comes down to Achilles, Batman, John Rambo & Conan. Sarah Conner probably goes deep in the bracket.

    Rambo has the heavy artillery to fight dinosaurs. Achilles as far as I can tell is the only one on the list with an actual superpower, maybe Alice, everyone else I believe is just highly trained. Conan is Conan and Batman is Batman.

    I’m going to go with Rambo, but only because I think Batman’s no killing policy neutralizes him against Achilles – he’d figure out the whole heel thing but then what?


    Alice. she’s the only one that posesses superhuman powers due to the t-virus. and even if she’s the cured version from the 4th movie she would rock.


    i got $20 on Hit Girl


    Are we using effective-yet-not all powerful Nolan-movie Batman, or Omnipotent Comic Bat-God?