greek riots

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    And the problem is they are pussys.

    Someone comes at a cop with a bat, they should get shot, with a lead personal defense round.

    Those two guys in back getting ready to throw a rock (Molotov cocktail? grenade? They should be shot to.

    And EMS will fix them, once the cops say it is safe. Of course if the cops are any good at their jobs those shitbags well be dead before they hit the ground.


    were you always this big an asshole?


    The police is only a servant of the society. And if the society decides to revolt, it is difficult for the police to do something against it. You (the police) should not should all of their chefs…


    So you’re saying the police want to still eat well? I’m confused to your point…

    Luke Magnifico

    I can only assume that that is the prime minister.