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    No, if she had an abortion like the text seems to imply, that would make her a murderer. However if she gave it up for adoption, that would redeem her.


    Abortion isn’t murder, and women don’t need your faulty ideas about “redemption”, thanks. Do your research before you spout off. And if you’re not up on the amazing powers of Google, here’s a good place to start:


    Abortion = taking something that is alive, and killing it. That is murder.


    So you survive on murder, as surely you have to eat something that was once alive. Can’t survive on salt/minerals. You monster. What a silly definition of murder. Either you diluted the definition to make it a non morality issue, or you are a giant hypocrite for not starving to death after leaving the womb. Which is funny because if your mother had an abortion, it would of been a more humane death then letting you starve.


    Oh, golly. Now I feel just awful about all the bugs I’ve smashed with my windshield.

    Wait, no. No, I don’t.

    And to think those bugs had higher cognitive capacities than the clump of cells commonly known as a zygote.

    Do either of those people realize that gay marriage and abortion are distraction issues used so nobody votes based on things that actually matter?


    Women’s rights don’t matter! –said the man. Gay rights don’t matter! –said the heterosexual. SURE OK


    I’m assuming that in scenario #1, the baby actually exists and the man has chosen not to support or help raise it, whereas in scenario #2, a zygote with no right to personage was discontinued before viability.

    What an awful, ridiculous straw man of a comic. Nice try, MRAs.



    how duz it work?