Poor, sick, pregnant “Bible Belters”

chickenegg.jpg (282 KB)

Is this a case of the Chicken and the Egg?
Or just a tailspin of stupid?

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    The first three graphs with the STDs have the ranges so wide as to be purposely misleading and meaningless. The Teen Pregnancy correlates nicely with the proportion of non-white population as well, but you won’t see it in the graph or the fact that those stats don’t include abortions as a “pregnancy” (you sure as hell aren’t going to pretend that California and New York have low teen pregnancy, are you?).

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Every time you see liberal bullshit just remember the bullshit part.

    And vote Republican.


    You never fail to amuse, magnus-butthurtson.


    You’re confusing correlation with causation, also these estimates (which is what they are) are from 6 years ago. Pretty sure they have gotten worse since then.


    Dude. Criticizing the churches for being full of sinners is like criticizing hospitals for being full of sick people.