ungodly marriage

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    Once again, gays try to support the notion of being allowed to marry the way they want to by vilifying other people’s idea of how they want to marry. Essentially this strip is saying: “of course, legalizing gay marriage will never, ever lead to legalizing incest! And if those sick, ungodly, sinful, inhuman creatures ever try to convince others that their “love” is anything more than a diabolical aberration, and that they should be allowed to marry as if they were real people, WE will be the first ones putting them in their place and promptly shoving them into an… Read more »


    Marriage between family members is allowed in most states so long as they are a certain age or unable to produce children.

    The issues with incest are that it can lead to genetic problems for the children


    This comic?

    Yeah, it doesn’t say what you seem to think it says.


    If you are a Christian that believes all sins are equal, this is a weird way to argue.


    Poor, poor persecuted breeder.


    So does this mean I can marry my imaginary girlfriend?