Is marijuana addictive?

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    Not addictive to everyone like meth is for example, but addictive to anyone who is prone to addiction, whether that be food or booze or whatever. I smoked a bit in HS and college, but never liked it much preferring a good beer or a Jack Daniels to smoke.

    Pot does have one bad point for sure in that it makes people believe they are much smarter than they really are.


    I was always amazed at how conceited stoners could be, personally.

    I knew a guy in HS who was basically permanently stoned. The guy’s biggest accomplishment in life was making many bags of Doritos disappear, yet he still had the attitude that he was the only person who really “got it”.

    He actually said he was a modern Socrates. He was serious.

    Last time I saw him he was working as a bag boy in a grocery store. He’s 38.


    I gave up smoking cigarettes becuase its so much easier than giving up a weed addiction


    Southpark pinned it down for me really well – Stan’s parents go on a mad stunt to scare stan but in the end with the southpark message he basically says
    “Pot wont kill you and probably wont make you insane, but pot makes you ok with being bored, and when you are bored you should be trying new things, if you smoke pot for too long you might grow up to find out your not really good at anything”