Attacking religious people

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    He was fucking superb on Never Mind the Buzzcocks – really REALLY good at ripping people – painful when below average intelligence guests tried to fight back and got MURDERED with horribly sarcy wit.

    *sob* I miss him so…


    I’ve always retorted with ‘I believe in Santa Claus’ or ‘yeah, I worship unicorns myself’. But this puts the whole religion nonsense into perspective.

    Hey it beats wearing funny hats and beards and walking around looking like you just shat in your pants.


    I prefer Penn Jillette’s take on Christians and their beliefs . . .

    If only more atheists were like him.


    Who is this doorknob? Am I supposed to know him any more than he’s supposed to know me?


    He’s a British comedian and, according to Wiki, the “former co-host of Popworld, former host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and co-writer and star of the sitcom Grandma’s House.”

    And therefore not really anyone I’d take very seriously. Now if it had been Benny Hill saying this I might have paid attention . . .


    Benny Hill? Seriously, that’s a rather dated reference. Oh wait, we are talking about religion after all.


    Dated yes. But you missed the point. Benny Hill was silly funny – slapstick for lack of a better word – and I take his work more seriously than this guy. Get it? That’s how little I care what this guy says? Come one. Try hard. You can get it.


    religion is actively holding us back as a people. religion is the source of pain and misery all around the world and the longer we turn a blind eye and say, “well, it’s not hurting anyone so why bother them?” the longer we oppress the people of the world.
    We NEED to be actively attacking religion.

    religion needs to end ASAP.


    You so funny . . .


    BTW, which religion would you “actively attack” first?


    You can’t force anyone to believe your point of view any more then they can you. Saying “we need to attack religion” is only going to cause people to defend religion. People have to make their own decisions, not have it forced on them.


    Nah, let him talk. He’s right. Religion is the motivating factor behind all the pain and misery in the world, and once we forcibly removed those people and their beliefs, we’ll instantly have no desire to forcibly remove things or people we don’t agree with. Because there’s


    …nothing else separating mankind except whether you believe in a God or not. So obviously attacking these people and their beliefs is the only step needed to make the world a united, peaceful place.

    If no else understands you Ian, know that I do.


    Yes, it’s all religion and has nothing to do with language, culture, geography and political systems.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Wow what an astounding intellect…

    He’s so smart he knows…pretty much what every other faggot with a gaylord ass haircut knows. Which is what they read. And it’s pathetic.

    Religious people are smart enough to know they don’t know everything. Kids that limp dick up there are dumb enough to go around boasting like they’ve got the whole world figured out.

    I feel at this point it’s appropriate to just nod and smile like when a kid brings home a science fair project and says ‘look a volcano!’ and you pretend to be impressed even though it’s really just the same old shit and it was never impressive in the first place.


    Hey Magnus, love the homophobia, it really brings out your inherent credibility. And you’re right, I’ve never, ever met a religious person who thought they had the whole world figured out. Never.
    Also, taking the exact same tack as the person you’re attacking in the last paragraph there: genius.
    And please do keep up the ad hominem attacks, they completely bolster your point and never do get old.
    Best regards,


    AHAHA! This is so true! It’s kinda like when an adult male wearing a wig and a dress tells me “I’m a woman.” I’m all like, “good for you! I think playing dress-up is fun as well.”


    Yeah, religions are kind of like that, but we need to challenge them (especially) when they have a negative impact on the world.

    This guy is half wrong, half right.

    Dyon 86

    You’re all being silly, Cthulhu will eat you all.

    Except Simon, Simon is very cool. If you don’t know him then watch Buzzcocks (but maybe give Grandma’s House a miss)

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