bad ass goose

bad ass goose

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    Lets see if mr.goose wins vs a rake


    From experience, I got my money on Goose.


    I have a niggling suspicion that you are right, but a burning desire to find out. Think that is my weekend sorted. Perhaps some custom armor is required just in case.


    A cup and shin guards at the very least. Trust me.


    his mate must have made a nest right next to the door, or above it? silly goose. lol…LOL….sorry…i couldnt help dumb..speaking of dumb, (and it doesnt get any dumber than this) i have a joke

    Two antenna meet, fall in love and get married. the wedding was a disaster, but the reception was excellent…..

    I SAID THE RECEPTION WAS EXCELLENT….ah, fuck you. i think its funny.


    The Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)is badass, enough said.


    There is a simple solution to this “problem”, it’s called a Shotgun. It’s not like Canadian Geese are anything close to endangered.


    Fuck using a shotgun. Pick it up by the neck and swing it around like a fucking lasso. The best way to die would be to be stranded in an open field with nothing but your fists and your clothes and be attacked by hundreds of thousands of geese… How many do you think you could kill before you were inevitably bit to death?


    wrong, the best way to die is beaten to death by breasts.


    the best way to die is death by snu-snu.