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I wonder if he’s really dead. Nick Fury is notorious for manipulating events to get the results he wants, including faking his own death on several occasions. It could have been an LMD (Life Model Decoy, basically a robot copy) or he could have been evac’d and reported dead (ala Bucky in Fear Itself)
If he’s really dead, it’s because Whedon likes killing characters, and Coulson is probably the only one he could get away with. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Coulson shows up in Iron Man 3 and just says “I got better”


didn’t Stark answer the phone as Tony Stark’s life model decoy when talking to Coulson in the Avengers?


Whats the point of a spoiler tag if the spoiler is in the title?


you stupid assholes, what is the matter with you? Not everybody has seen the movie yet you dumbfucks. What retard puts the spoiler in the title and puts a spoiler tag? I swear to fucking god, people are getting stupider and stupider each day.


Who cares? What’s his power? “Red Shirt Disposable Extra-Man”. When he died in the movie I was like, “Pass dem fuckin M&M’s dude.”


It actually wasn’t a joke he really did die, for approximately 8 days and he was brought back to life on the order of agent fury.


that reply was to another comment, but you sir only care about the super powers. If you think about it Tony Stark doesn’t actually have any super powers, its his suit that has the powers. People without powers is just as important as the people with them.

tiki god

it’s a joke you fucking asshole cock nose, he didn’t really die.



Spoiler anyone?