Modern Impressive Library

Modern Impressive Library

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    That’s one less shelf you need in your apartment/house.

    I love books, but I might not need a hundred of them on a piece of furniture.


    Even back in the day, people who really read rarely owned large libraries. Instead, they owned a library subscription. For instance, I’m a very casual reader with at best, maybe 4-5 books a year off the curriculum. That means I actually prefer buying the books since I’m not in the habit of going to the library. My professor on the other hand, reads a book or two a week. He only owns stuff from the curriculum and borrows the rest off the public library. Finally, penthouse neighbor has over 200 books in his library. He hasn’t read a book in… Read more »


    Yes, a personal library has always been more about showing off how much knowledge you can obtain, lock away and have the luxury of storing.

    Goal, these posers with their books are annoying.