debt is slavery

debt is slavery

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    If it’s debt that had nothing to do with you, fair enough. If you ran up huge bills on credit cards, never knowing when you could have them paid off, then it’s your own damned fault!


    Don’t look at then…


    What a load of bollocks.


    replace the logos with “being responsible”

    Fucking hate people whining about “rip off” credit “*Sob… I had to sell my wedding ring *boo hoo* they are heartless vultures”
    or… you know… don’t get a 52 inch plasma and a new kitchen while on unemployment benefit *shrug*


    To blame poor, uneducated individuals for being somehow stupid or irresponsible over amassing debt while each and every government in the world has done the exact same thing is bordering on the idiotic.
    Fact is, regardless of education or genetics, no amount of fiscal responsibility leads to prosperity or when the economy is bad, balance. People don’t get rich by saving money and working hard, they get rich by lying and stealing within or outside the bounds of the law.


    What a load of crap. I’d comment further but I’m sure your batteries on your iPad are about to run out and they don’t have outlets at the Occupy campsite.

    Luke Magnifico

    You don’t even need a high school diploma to know that when you buy things at some point you will have to pay for them.

    You’re right, it’s not exactly common for people to be doing well these days, but it’s not too much to ask that people have the wherewithal to stop spending money they don’t have.


    I’m sorry. I should have spelled this out for you: I’m a Republican. I happen to work in a bank so let me make this clear to you: When I’m saying “no amount of fiscal responsibility leads to prosperity” I mean that the three wealthiest clients in our branch are the most irresponsible clients of them all. This guys zero out their personal accounts two or three times a year and then right themselves checks from their business accounts. They rail their business into dept every two years and the bank manager just writes them a check to cover the… Read more »

    Nice try, no kidding here.


    I wasn’t joking. its unfortunate you’re so used to hearing bull you can’t tell when a person is telling you the truth.
    Maybe you’re used to having your free capitalism advocates throw in some religion or what ever into the mix. I happen to be an atheist so I don’t play the whole I’m holier than thou game.
    This is the point where I’m suppose to reason or justify what I’m doing. I won’t.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m sure a bank teller shorts for big gains during his coffee break.

    Grow up.


    That guy is a douche, but he is probably not lying. I worked the sandwich cart in NYCB for three years and his description is spot on. They had a department filled with shark caricatures who would spend most of the day playing the market. When I asked whats going on, I was told that this guys handled “High Profile Accounts” and that they were supposed to be available 24/7 “just in case”. Anyhow, I overheard those assholes laughing off how they screwed this guy, and how they drove that business under all the time. It was my first job… Read more »


    Debt itself isn’t a bad thing, when used responsibly. The trouble is lack of education in the general populace, and predatory corporations, which in conjunction can result in wrecking the economy and the social fabric.


    Horseshit. Debt is death. We finally woke up, paid off all our debt and cut up our credit cards years ago. Know what we have now? MONEY!

    Shut up

    Shut up you stupid bleeding heart liberal. Jesus, if a person goes into debt through credit cards it’s their own damn fault. And fiscal responsibility does lead to prosperity. Fuck go suck Obamas dick faggot.

    It’s your choice, stop whining.

    There wouldn’t be so much debt if interest payments weren’t introduced. Libya had no debt. Enter NATO. World bank replaces domestic banks. Now everyone gets to enjoy debt like the rest of the world. Yes it’s people’s own faults for getting into debt but charging 30% interest is insane. And not allowing anyone else to start a credit banking service is criminal. Making it so you HAVE to use a credit card at some places (on a plane for instance) is criminal. Luring people into thinking the money comes without penalty is criminal. I’d have less of a problem with… Read more »


    Without interest, no one would lend anyone money. All of the risk with no chance of any payoff? Thanks, I’ll pass.


    If debt is slavery then don’t buy shit you can’t afford. Idiots.