homeland security

homeland security


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    Too True

    Somehow, I think the terrorists have won. The very definition of terrorist is the cause terror. Now we have an agency, whose sole responsibility is either grope or see-through your clothes. There are too many news stories about the TSA either over-stepping their boundaries or incredabiliy stupid. And we are pulling out of the middle east? Either, we go back and do the job right or continue to live as we do now…essentially living in fear that somewhere sometime something bad might or might not happen.


    With the recent news story of the bomb they stopped that was non-metal, and the videos that can be found if you look for them that show the naked scanenrs do nothing (they show metal as black, and the back ground is black… some dude got a jacket with a pocket under his armpit and walked right through with a metal flask, as all the screener saw was black on black…) …

    given these 2 factors, I can see them going straight to full cavity searches for everyone.

    Mind you, it’d be no different than routine surgery… ( go google “non sonsentual pelvic / rectal exam”… apparently it’s common practice for doctors and med students to gang rape unconsious people and call it “learning”.) so… med student, airport rent-a-cop… what’s one more finger up your arse?


    welcome to the land of the free..the price…a stranger’s finger up your ass; while saying “this is for your freedom and protection…tickle, tickle, tickle!”


    Bah now I cant take a nice small rock of high grade cocaine with me to Amsterdam – god damn terrorists win

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