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    Correct me if I got this wrong, but if I understand this “friendzone” theory correctly, isn’t putting in “kindness coins” is exactly the thing that gets a guy “friendzoned”? I mean, isn’t this “advice”, like, preaching to the choir? Not that either is right, but… what’s the point? Am I missing something?

    Luke Magnifico

    If anything the friendzone is the proof of that principle, no?


    What if I told you that this makes absolutely no sense? It assumes that people who get friendzoned are originally only after sex, rather than a full-fledged relationship. Also, friendzoning is a two-way street, and not exclusive to one gender.


    This is the key that whiteknights like OP forget:
    “It assumes that people who get friendzoned are originally only after sex, rather than a full-fledged relationship.”

    The biker-douche you’re “dating” is the one in it for sex and odds are he’s in a lot of different “it”s. The low self-esteem beta you call “brother” is the one showering you with kindness, sympathy, praise because odds are he sleeps alone at night and dreams about a happy family life.

    The latter never works because nothing makes a dumb chick wetter than confidently ignoring her.


    Spoken like a true idiot who has never even been in the same ROOM as a real woman.

    Friendzoning: I’ve watched them DO it. Some poor luckless bastard desperately trying to move their “friendship” into the romance zone, only to have her tell him how he’s like a brother to her. Meanwhile she’s dating some toad who neglects or abuses her, and then coming to her “like a brother” to complain to him constantly about it.

    Luke Magnifico

    If the guy puts up with that after being told its not going to happen then it’s his own damn fault. I’m no womanologist, but I’m pretty sure chicks don’t dig dudes who let people walk all over them in return for the vaguest hope of something impossible happening.

    If possible, I’d like to ask one of the women of MCS to act as consultant on this matter.


    The friendzone is the place where guys go who are deemed not boyfriend material. Simple as that. It’s not about who’s a “good guy” and who’s a “douchebag”–these are designations that boys use as an excuse and places the blame on the girl they want to be with (and they wonder why they’re being FZed). Learn to take a hint, and go after girls that want you. Being desperate and all “woe is me” is not attractive.


    Yeah, I think the idea is that you toil through the friendzone to get to the promised land. I dunno, or something.


    lol “kindness coins” most of the women fuck for US currency