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    I’m guessing you’ve never had a car that doesn’t suck if you’ve never paid a luxury tax…


    And when did OP say they had never paid a luxury tax?


    Its hidden in that part that says its an old game because there’s a luxury tax. There’s lots of luxury taxes everywhere today…


    Yeah, like Mitt Romney paying 13.9% while the guy who washes his car pays 26% – sounds more like a “lack of luxury tax”


    if you’d ask apple the luxury tax is them paying a tax at all. i.e. they don’t.


    So if a rich man pays 100000 times more in taxes a year than a poor man, but pays a lower percentage of his total income than the poor man (because of all his charities and invested income), he’s clearly an evil man who “isn’t paying his due to society”. Socialist Logic ™, I suppose. Let’s say that we measure the “value to society” of a man by dividing the amount he pays in taxes by the amount of work he causes to the government(aka how much of those taxes are used directly or indirectly to help him). Who do… Read more »


    What the hell are you talking about? Income tax? Nobody mentioned income tax here