dali lama

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    1) what does this have to do with the dalai lama?
    2) can’t people realise that his name is spelled “Gandhi”?
    3) this is insulting, on top of everything else…

    is there any way to give this a negative rating? 😐

    fracked again

    przqgl, Gandhi was a pedophile. His followers supplied him with little girls to fulfill his needs. The good that he did is important, but he was no saint.

    tiki god

    is this truth? I would google it, but my mouse is so far away from my keyboard.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No it is not true.

    fracked again

    Truth? It is not known for certain, but it is well documented that he slept naked with little naked girls in his bed to “test” the strength of his vows of complete chastity. His grandniece was one of the girls that he took into his bed for such “tests.”



    For those who dont know this SMEAR against gandhi , it comes from the fact that he and his wife were BOTH married at 13. To be a pedophile, you have to be an ADULT having sex with a child .

    fracked again

    Yeah, he wasn’t sleeping naked next to his grandniece and other little girls when he was 13. He did that when he was a creepy old guy to test his chastity vows. He didn’t even keep it secret like some cult leaders.


    An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody will see it. -Gandhi


    pretty sure this is a direct quote. it definately makes you think


    Love that this is posted under the title Dali Lama instead og Dandhi. Plus the spelling of the title is pretty hilarious too. Also, the little girls asked for it…


    A lawyer is a lawyer will always be a lawyer…When I think of him, he’s got a suit on, not that diaper he rarely wore…
    He was a shrewd sob….

    He looks like he could be Obama’s son.