Liberals teaching our kids!

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True story.

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    Why is a Republican Navy Seal taking a class of Karl Marx?


    Because the liberal, homosexual, muslim, ACLU lawyers that work at the university forced him too, of course.

    And so he could beat up the nerds there.


    About as true of a story as the bible itself

    Professor Ratbaggy

    That’s more pathetic than funny.


    Actually, no. It’s just funny.

    Vance Logan

    The biblical scriptures do not not specify an age and no not require a 5,000 year old date on the age of the earth. Young earth creationism is a sect belief and that belief is quite popular to point out these days by those who’d like to question the truthfulness of the offensive judgemental parts of the New Testament of the Bible (the judgemental Jesus). I saw all this, BTW, as a Christian who is more liberal than conservative, politically; by now completely fed up with the far right tea partier self-proclaimed We The People patriot types.


    The sad part is that, it really could be a true story, minus the exaggeration.


    I’m not a Christian or Catholic but I’m a Republican because I earn lots of money and live in California, where I see shit tons of tax money wasted on stupid things.

    I wish there we had a 3rd or even 4th party system that would allow me to believe in what I believe in and not be lumped into the bible thumping crowd.


    Do you really believe Republicans have never wasted taxpayer money?

    Not sure if serious.


    I hate to break it to you, but Republicans? Not the most fiscally responsible.


    Both valid points, which is why I reiterate, I wish there were a 3rd or 4th party so I don’t have to be in that crowd as well. When I hear a Republican say “fiscally responsible” then I wish they meant it. I could list all of the bullshit that California politicians waste money on, but I could only imagine how much worse it would be if there wasn’t a rule on a 2/3 majority to approve a tax. Shit, they (State Democrats) tried to call a tax a fee to get around that rule. That’s the kind of bullshit… Read more »


    It’s much better to throw billions at profitable companies then, I guess.


    It’s tough (the duck). I’m with you. I live in AZ and don’t have to deal with as much bullshit taxpayer abuse…but I’m originally from Chicago where that shit is rampant. I believe in a Supreme Being but am not a bible thumper. I couldn’t give two shits about gay marriage. I’m against abortion and tax payer funding of abortion but if a woman has a specific and unfortunate reason to make that decision it is her call and not my business to poke my head into it….but I’m not paying for it. I believe in LEGAL immigration. I believe… Read more »


    Somehow you think it’s fair to tax someone who makes 36k a year the same as Bill Gates. That’s a riot.


    Wish you had a real name so I can call your shit out. Capital gains tax is a tax on income already earned so yeah, someone who makes 36k a year gets taxed at a higher rate because that’s money they’re receiving for the first time. I probably would’ve agreed with you years ago when I wasn’t investing, but it’s already a tough pill to swallow knowing that I now have to fork over 15% on money I earned on that already taxed income to the government on any money I make. Then there’s idiots like you that probably never… Read more »


    I can see you missed the point.

    Nice job building that strawman though.


    Believe me when I say that no one is asking for taxpayer money to fund abortion. God, I can’t believe that goddamn misconception is still circulating.


    A lie can go around the world before the truth can put on it’s shoes.