be an asshole

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chicks dig that shit.

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    Don’t worry dude, I’m sending the whambulance for you now.


    I’m surprised this picture leaves out the final step, where she becomes miserable dating said asshole and starts habitually calling the guys who actually like her in the middle of the night, crying about how the only thing she likes is the sex.


    This whole “girls only date assholes” thing is bullshit, and is getting really old. Maybe the problem isn’t the women you want to date, it’s the fact that you’re being really picky about who you’ll date and only going for certain kinds of women. Believe it or not, there ARE actually very sweet attractive women who have personality and don’t like being treated like shit. It’s amazing. Maybe you guys should get out there and try to find them. But then again, it’s entirely possible that no woman wants to be with you because you’re an asshole, thus disproving that… Read more »


    Many nice guys are nice because they are concerned about others’ feelings. This also leads to nervousness and predictability, both of which are often boring and unattractive to many women. Many assholes are not concerned with others’, so they appear confident and exciting, and are thus appealing. Some men may work on themselves, becoming confident while still treating others with integrity and respect. At the same time, some women sort this out as well and end up pursuing relationships with healthy high quality men. Some women continue to make bad choices, and complain about it to their nice guy friends… Read more »


    Calling it common is not calling it universal. I’ve dated many of the outliers; I’m engaged to one now.

    However, attractive girls are often treated well automatically, and thus they often don’t really develop all that much character or relationship mediation skill. Attractive girls who have only superficial social skills generally attract douchebags.

    Notice all those uses of “often” and no uses of “always?” Those “oftens” add up to stereotypes. Not all guys are sex-crazed, morality-sacrificing deviants… but there’s a stereotype because it happens “often.”


    Well said. Every time I see a post like this, I roll my eyes so hard it hurts.

    Also, the whole stereotype about attractive girls “automatically being treated well” is bullshit too. I’m pretty sure things would make a lot more sense if, instead of dividing people into arbitrary categories based on nothing but anecdotes and “personal experience”, we just treated people as individuals.

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