Carter on Religion

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    Yes, by all means, listen to the worst president in history, well, until now . . .

    BTW, 1976 was my first opportunity to vote, so I know exactly how much he sucked . . .


    While I agree with you, I do think what he says here is a valid thing to worry on. I don’t know the truth of how many people in the Southern Baptist church think that way, but I certainly men like that exist.


    Bush II is the worst ever, post 1950.


    Wait wait wait, you fucking idiot. Who doesn’t pledge allegiance to the flag AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS? Who spent more in 3 years than 43 did in 8 with two wars? Who promised to end those two wars while campaigning? Who fucking bows to other world leaders when the rest of the world shakes hands? In policy, in execution of duties, in leadership Barack Hussein Obama is the worst president ever.


    1. He hasn’t really spent more. The problem is we keep cutting taxes. If you look at actual budget increases, the budget hasn’t increased that much. The problem is we decided to stop paying our bills.

    Also, remember those across the board spending cuts Obama wanted, or are you too stuck in republican land?

    2. The pledge of allegiance is more propaganda BS.

    3. Obama actually promised to get out of Iraq and increase pressure on Afghanistan, which he did.

    4. Bush bowed to world leaders. Where was your outrage then?


    As we lined up for gas on odd days, paid 15% interest rates on mortgages and saw the prime rate skyrocket with this colossal ass-clown at the helm, I swore it could never happen again. Yet here we are with pretty pictures paying homage to the stupid utterings of this Marxist fool and an even bigger Marxist fool sits in the White House. I guess we all get the government we deserve…assuming the majority of us are idiots.


    Well, American voter did vote Dubya into office.

    That pretty much indicates any idiot can become president.

    At least Carter didn’t cut taxes during TWO wars and pretend jebus would pay for the bullets.


    Let’s see how smart your statement sounds after Bush’s tax cuts EXPIRE at the end of the year….unless you are one of the 49% of people who pay NO TAXES AT ALL. That’s the trouble with being on the receiving end all the time – you lose REALITY. Somebody is paying for you…and when they run out of money (as they ALWAYS DO) – then WE ARE GREECE. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps there are a growing number of people who are sick and tired of paying everybody else’s tab??!!


    Newsflash, dickshit. If you want to buy something, you have to have the money to pay for it.

    It’s called fiscal responsibility. If we didn’t want to pay for the wars, we shouldn’t have started them.


    lol regan worshipers.


    Reagan, not “regan” was worth admiring, and compared to Carter worth worshiping considering how he turned things around for the better. Even Obama is quoting him now . . .


    Reagan raised taxes. He negotiated with dictators. He allowed amnesty for illegal aliens. Reagan had gay friends (Rock Hudson).

    If Obama did any of this you would probably spontaneously combust with outrage.

    Can you think for yourself rather than repeating what a political party tells you to?


    You need to check your facts. Reagan increased federal spending.

    Name a tax Obama is increasing. Overall, taxes have went down since he got into office. Besides he can’t increase taxes now without the Republicans in congress.

    Keep in mind Reagan raised overall taxes, yet the deficit went up under him. Basic math should tell you spending increased too.


    OMG, Reagan had gay friends? Say it ain’t so. LOL

    I’m not a member of any political party btw, been an Independent my whole life. Voted for Clinton once and Gore (thank God he lost). I do think for myself. I suggest you try to just think . . .


    The point is if Obama did the same things, he’d be vilified by people like you, yet you praise Reagan.

    You know how Fox news works. It’s like the stupid ass teleprompter thing. No matter what Obama does, it’s bad.

    You DO realize this, don’t you?

    It’s like you’ve got blinders on.


    There you go believing Obama – always a bad idea. Reagan dropped the top marginal rate from 70% to 28% – followed by a huge economic boom that lasted until Clinton. He had to adjust them upward later primarily because Congress refused to cut spending. The USA raised much MORE money after the Reagan tax cut because of the econo9mic recovery. The Democrat congress simple spent it all! Sound familiar?


    Huge economic boom that lasted until Clinton?

    Perhaps you forgot the early 90’s recession?

    Cherry picking facts, how does it work?


    For an old, anti-Semetic douche he’s not half bad.


    In still another area he beats Obama, that is true . . .


    Yeah: a “war on women.” Sarah Palin gets criticized from the left for not staying home to raise children and Ann Romney gets criticized from the left for staying home to raise children. As someone once said, behind every double standard is an un-confessed single standard. Pathetic. If anyone respects strong women, it’s Conservatives. We’re surrounded by them instead of just banshee-like shrews.


    You know what’s sad? There are religious women who defend Christian/Muslim men’s “rights” to subjugate them.

    Talk about fucked up.


    You’re actually trying to compare Christians to Muslims in the “subjugate women” category? Seriously? Granted some Christian churches do preach that kind of thing, but it’s not mainstream and they certainly don’t enforce it with actual physical force and religious law (Sharia). That asked, the neat thing about American – and Western culture in general – is women get to decide for themselves what they believe and don’t believe, and do and don’t do. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of rabid feminists who believe that that all women should believe one way – that being their way – and… Read more »


    See? How did I know you were one of them.

    Fucked up.


    Do you cover you ears and eyes every time the Republicans try to vote?