FAIL : Real starwars fan

fail_natalie-portman.jpeg (69 KB)

everybody’s a f*kin’ specialist on everyting nowadays…

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    Natalie Portman was about a year old when they filmed Return of the Jedi… How could she be in a Star Wars movie?


    Return of the Jedi was the last episode but released third…
    The first 3 episodes were filmed last…She was in them…

    tiki god

    you fell for a troll


    I agree that she probably hasn’t seen them all….


    Fucking owned!


    dumb is dumb

    I read a post by some dumb cunt from Forbes who is a self described ‘geek’ who was ripping on what she perceived to be wanna be or ‘poser’ geeks.

    So to recap: losers/hipsters/faggots who told each other they weren’t totally sad and stupid and laughed at now have enough ego to look down on each other? Even if it wasn’t Natalie Portman not having seen all Star Wars movies is a GOOD thing. Seeing them a lot makes you a fucking loser.

    How fucking sad are these people? I’m glad I’ve picked on so many over the years.


    It’s getting more & more difficult to tell just who the fuck you’re trying to troll, spaz.


    He’s really just a dog chasing his tail at this point. I think he end up trolling himself mostly.