WALL STREET – Gordon Gekko

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    Fuck yeah money! Now let’s snort some coke off a pair of hooker’s butt cheeks.


    Am I the only on infuriated by this movie? Before Gordon Gecko, Wall Street people were just brokers and traders – and then this shit came out and they all decided, “FUCK YEAH, I’MA BE GORDON GECKO, BITCH.” and started fucking everyone big time. I know it’s more complicated than that, but it can be simplified to this not helping.

    Gecko did to Wall Street what Brando did to the mob.


    Blaming a movie for the reason Wall Street brokers are scumbags is like blaming video games whenever someone commits a violent act. These people are all adults, knew what they were doing, knew it was wrong, and were doing it way before Wall Street was an idea in Oliver Stone’s head.


    True enough, but there’s an interesting gray area that rarely gets explored. Just for fun:



    this is true. honor and class lay in the individual.

    i was a licensed Series 3 commodities broker for a few years, and it watching Boiler Room, Glen Gary Glen Ross, and Wall Street didnt turn me into an estate raping bastard.

    greed is a hell of a drug

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